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Passo Tonale is the ideal place to learn to ski: it appears as a natural and large amphitheatre sitting in long hours of sunshine, with slopes suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, where a widespread network of ski lifts reaches slopes that are amongst the most beautiful of the whole Alpine territory.
You are simply spoilt for choice.
From the mythical “Paradiso black slope", with a run of 3 kilometres and slope gradient of 710 meters, to the long and panoramic “Alpino slope” that develops over 4500 meters with slope gradient of 725 meters, both linked to the “Pegrà slope”; from here you can take the 5-kilometre long ski lift to reach the slopes of “Pontedilegno” without taking your skis off, which are slopes recommended for more expert skiers since they are more committing and all drawn amongst thick pinelands in settings of incomparable beauty. At 3000 meters you can reach the glacier of Presena, that guarantees snow and fun all the year round: many love skiing even in warmer weather!



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